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Our Sustainable Actions

We are always striving to operate our business with the smallest impact on the world. Here's what we do:


We use 100% renewable energy to run our business. Any potential carbon produced in the making of our energy is offset by the planting of trees and other green initiatives around the world, all accredited by the UN.


We use LED energy efficient lighting in all our work spaces.


Minimal paper is used for our entire business, opting to send receipt's electronically. Any paper we do use is bleach free recycled paper including our product labels.

Plastic free:

We only work with manufactures that can ship our products plastic free. This means that our entire shipping process from when our are products are made to when you receive your order is free from plastics. We also seek suppliers that use plastic free packaging that can be reused.

Palm oil free:

We are a 100% Palm oil free business.