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What is greenwashing and how to avoid it. Method #4 will shock you!

What is Greenwashing and How to Avoid It.  Number 4 will shock you!

Secondhand clothing & Why its better for the planet

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint on the world? Have you considered purchasing your clothing secondhand? For me I’ve always loved secondhand clothing, rummaging through piles of clothes at a market not knowing what you will find is great fun.

Why You Should Consider Modern Cloth Nappies

Are you an environmentally aware family wondering how you can reduce your waste within the home? Are you a mum or a dad with a baby or expecting one shortly? Have you thought about the amount of waste diapers produce, let alone the huge quantities of water needed to make...

Why is Hemp so good?

Our Reusable Hemp Makeup Rounds are a great alternative to disposable cotton pads, and here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about hemp.

Everything You Need To Know About A Safety Razor

Everything you need to know about a safety razor; From the different types, How to Assemble, How to Shave and Maintenance.

Reusable Eco Friendly Gifts

When we were younger, getting a practical gift was almost always a disappointment – for me it was ugly knitted jumpers! Now that I’m an adult who already has a lot of stuff, a practical and reusable gift is something I absolutely love to open and put to good use.

What Are Soap Nuts? Soap Berries?

What are Soap Nuts? Soap Berries? Soap Nuts are actually berries from the Soap Berry Tree (Sapindus mukorossi) and are used as an eco friendly substitute for many cleaning products such as detergent, multi purpose cleaner and even shampoo . They are a relation to the Lychee family. These berries...

The 30 Day Challenge

Going zero waste is all about re-framing our thinking and overhauling our consumption habits. Instead of being a disposable society, we would like to focus on being a reusable society.The 30 Day Challenge is merely ideas that you can implement into your lifestyle. It does not have to be done...