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Bass | Sisal Body Glove

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Bass Body Care - Sisal Hand Glove

  • 100% natural fibres
  • helps remove dead and dry skin

Get fresh, glowing skin without microbeads or any plastic at all. Made with 100% natural sisal, the fibres are tough enough to give you a good scrub, but soft enough so that it doesn't hurt! Pop the glove/mitten on to your hand, run it under the water to soften it slightly, and start scrubbing. You can use it with or without soap. 

Sisal is a natural fibre made from the agave plant (Agave sisalana), and it's perfect for skin brushing. Like dry skin brushing, wet skin brushing with a sisal glove can help to remove dry skin, improve circulation and help with lymphatic drainage.

Hang it up to dry after each shower, and it will last for ages.