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Earths Tribe

Earths Tribe | Reusable Cone Nursing Pads (Single Pair)


Our reusable breast pads are an essential accessory for any mama capturing pre and post partum leakages. Designed to be used multiple times and washed with general laundry or nappies. Once you are finished on your breastfeeding journey, these pads can then be used as reusable makeup remover pads.


  • Made using Organic Bamboo Cotton (GOTS Certified)
  • 3 Layers
    • 1 Bamboo Cotton
    • 1 Microfibre
    • 1 Waterproof PUL Layer
  • 12cm Diameter
  • Cone shape to fit comfortably in your bra

To Use:

  • Simply place a pad in your bra with the bamboo cotton against the nipple, to absorb fluids.
  • For cracked/sore nipples, apply nipple balm first and then apply pad- this helps to avoid the pads sticking to torn nipples.

To Care:

  • Wash in warm water (60°C). Use a gentle detergent, free of bleach and line dry.
Proudly Australian Owned

Earths Tribe | Reusable Cone Nursing Pads (Single Pair)