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Amy Jade Creations

Amy Jade Creations | Kitchen Dish Cloth


Hand knitted cotton kitchen dish cloth.

Contains 1x 15cm square.

Here’s a few reasons why these cloths are so fantastic:

  • They last Years! Up to 4!
  • When they are done just put them straight into the compost and they break down quickly being 100% cotton.
  • They wipe up crumbs beautifully and are great at cleaning dishes and wiping up spills.
  • The colours brighten up your kitchen and make doing kitchen chores more exciting.
  • Easy to wash on a normal wash cycle.

About Amy Jade Creations

Amy is passionate about handmade and unique design while focusing on sourcing local and sustainable materials.
Her products are made through various craft skills such as knitting, crochet, sewing and stitching; and are inspired by her Australian country surroundings and life on her farm.

Amy Jade Creations | Kitchen Dish Cloth