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Honestly | Cough Oil


**Best before 19th August 2021**

The sniffles have arrived with their friends; congestion, coughs and sore throats. Have no fear with our Cough Oil in your medicine chest! This mix of anti-viral, anti-bacterial aromatherapy oils is ever so mild but oh so effective to help keep colds and flu at bay.

Healing organic essential oils will prevent a cough moving into the chest, clear out snotty noses by thinning mucus and relieve sore throats by fighting the germs that are causing the pain. The Clear Chest Blend has a balmy scent that helps make breathing easier.

  • Naturally gentle for use from birth.
  • We use essential oils that are safe for babies of all ages, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Products are certified Palm Oil free by The Orangutan Alliance.
Directions For Use:
  • Rub a small amount on your child’s back or feet to clear mucus and congestion. 
  • For older children and adults you can rub the oil directly on to the chest or throat.
  • We recommend applying the oil 3 times daily until all symptoms are gone.
  • You can also safely use this oil in a vaporiser to help little ones breathe easier.
  • Sunflower Oil*, Clear Chest Essential Oil Blend [Lemon EO* (Citrus limon), Cubebs EO (Piper cubeba), Peppermint Gum EO (Eucalyptus dives), Tea Tree* (Melaleuca alternifolia), Lavender EO* (Lavandula angustifolia) and Thyme EO* (Thymus vulgaris ct linalool)] and Vitamin E (Natural Tocopherol).

    * certified organic ingredient

Made In Melbourne

Honestly | Cough Oil