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Earths Tribe Australia

Eco Crayons | Leaves | 5 Pack

Did you know that crayons are often made with paraffin, palm oil, non-renewable clay or mica and synthetic colour?

Eco crayons are created with sustainability in mind while making sure the ingredients stay safe for little ones. Made from 100% natural ingredients, waxes and butters, and colour pigments derived from plants, seeds and flowers so you can colour the rainbow naturally.

  • Contains 5 hand made gorgeous, plant based crayons.
  • Colours include: blueredyelloworange and grass green.
  • Each crayon measures 5.4cm x 3.5cm x 1.5cm making them perfect for hot little hands.
  • Eco Packaging that can be either composted or recycled
  • The crayons don’t have paraffin, palm oil, beeswax, non-renewable mined clay or mica, and no synthetic colours
Handmade in Australia

Eco Crayons | Leaves | 5 Pack