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Earths Tribe

Earths Tribe | Bulk Food Bag


Our Bulk Food Bags are a wonderful reusable alternative to plastic bags; reducing the waste associated with plastics in your household.

Made from organic muslin cloth, you can use these bags at the supermarket, farmers market or bulk food store to fill up  your dry goods, bread, fruit and veggies. We recommend transferring your dry goods to resealable jars once you get home for optimum freshness.


  • Small: 20x30 cm
  • Large: 30x40 cm (suitable for bread loaf)
  • Machine washable
To care:
  • Wash in warm water (60•c) with like colours. Use a gentle detergent, free of bleach and line dry. 

**Please note: Expect some shrinkage as product has not been prewashed. **

Australian Owned

Earths Tribe | Bulk Food Bag