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Alva Baby

Alva Baby Diapers | Pink Cherry Blossom



  • Suitable for babies and toddlers 3kg-15kg (a rough guide for reference only)
  • Nappy Dimensions: 38cm long X 33cm wide.
  • One size fits most– you can adjust the nappy to your desired size (S,M or L) by snapping onto different rows of buttons on the nappy.
  • Hip snaps and crossover snaps to prevent “wing droop”
  • Washable, waterproof and breathable
  • Comfortable elastic around legs


  • Outer layer: polyester (waterproof and breathable TPU)
  • Inner layer: suede cloth
  • Insert: 3 layer microfibre or no insert

 Tips & Care

  • Wash before first use
  • Place the insert inside the nappy through the open pocket in the back
  • Liquid will pass through the inner layer to the insert
  • Additional inserts recommended to boost absorbency
  • Nappy should be changed every 2-3 hours and when damp to prevent nappy rash.

 Washing Instructions:

  1. Detergent choice
  2. Remove and rinse soiling
  3. Pre wash cycle, within 1-2 days in 40-60°C water
  4. Main wash cycle, within 2-3 days in 40-60°C water
  5. Line Dry

Please refer to Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under for an in depth wash routine. These ladies have all the answers cloth nappy related!

Alva Baby Diapers | Pink Cherry Blossom