Everything You Need To Know About A Safety Razor

Earths Tribe Safety Raor

1- 2 - OR 3-PIECE

This describes the method in which the blade is held in place.

  • 1-Piece razors are commonly referred to as ‘butterfly’ razors. They are opened by twisting the bottom of the handle, which unscrews to open flaps at the top of the head. When fully opened, these flaps resemble the wings of a butterfly – hence the name. A blade is inserted between the flaps and the handle re-tightened to clamp the blade in place.
  • 2-piece razors have a handle that is fused to the base of the head, a blade is wedged between the head’s top plate and its base, and then fastened by tightening the handle.
  • 3-piece razors have a head that can be fully unscrewed from the handle. The blade is held in the same way as the 2piece. This is the type of razor sold by Earths Tribe.

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How to Use Your Safety Razor

Assembling your razor for the first time

  • Unpack your safety razor. You can either recycle the box or keep it for storing your clean razor after use.
  • Twist the handle clockwise and you razor will come apart in 3 pieces.
  • Carefully unwrap the razor blade supplied, making sure you hold the blade at the short ends, not the long sharp side.
  • We recommend rubbing alcohol or disinfectant, on a clean cloth to rub down the blade and safety razor to disinfect for first time use.
  • Slot in the razor blade through the metal bar in the open razor head.
  • Once the blade is sitting level, screw the handle anticlockwise to close the head, turning it tightly to secure the blade.
  • The blade should now be protruding slightly from under the head cover.
  • You are now ready to use your razor.

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How to shave with a safety razor


  • If you’re not showering during or after shaving, warm up your skin with some hot water or a hot towel – this will soften hairs and make for an easier shave
  • The most important rule to remember is Apply as little pressure as possible! The weight of your razor is heavy enough for the blade to work on its own. If you press any further, you will cut yourself. If this is difficult, try holding the razor by the tip of the handle.
    • Angle the blade as far from your skin as possible. It is recommended the razor should be at a 30-degree angle, but everyone’s different, so this may vary slightly for each person
    • .Shave with the grain. Light short strokes is best. Shaving against the grain creates ingrown hairs and irritation, and pulls the skin with the hair you’re going against, so you might end up cutting yourself.
    • Rinse the razor regularly so hair doesn’t clog the blade, and remember to take your time
    • After you’re done shaving, pour some cold water over the shaved skin to close up the pores.
    • Put on some facial moisturizer to rehydrate and protect the skin. Or you can use a nourishing balm such as Be Better Balm Shave Balm.

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    How to look after your safety razor
    • Don’t leave it in the shower or bathtub: If you’re using your razor in the shower, don’t forget to take it out with you each time after it’s been used. Leaving it in there exposed to all of the steam, moisture and soaps can cause it to eventually rust.
    • Dry it after each use: Another simple, but important razor maintenance tip is to dry it after each use – both the body and the blade. This will also help extend the life of the blade.
    • Store it Properly: This can be placed in a cabinet or on a stand by the sink. Just keep it dry and out of reach of children.

    Earths Tribe Safety Razor

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